Tumblr Users Share Facts About Koalas And They Will Make You Wonder How These Animals Are Even Alive

Koalas are, surely, some of the cutest creatures on earth. With their fluffy ears, round bodies and beady eyes they look like the softest plush toys, however, behind the adorable exterior, there’s a lot going on with these marsupials. Their primary food source is eucalyptus tree leaves that are low in protein and high in toxins. Due to the low protein source, koalas sleep up to 20 hours a day and don’t move much. Despite being extremely slow, koalas are rarely preyed upon, with only dingos, large pythons and some birds of prey sometimes attacking.
That would make you think ‘oh, great, they must live for quite a while’, and while that statement might be right to some extent as the beady-eyed marsupials can survive up to 18 years, there’s a plethora of problems that the lil’ guys face in their existence. Tumblr has come together once again to address some of the interesting, and perhaps little known, facts about koalas and explain why they’re approaching an “evolutionary dead-end”. Scroll down below to read them and tell us what you think!

While koalas have an absolutely adorable exterior, behind it there’s a plethora of problems that they face

Image credits: Erik Veland

And people of Tumblr have come together to discuss some of them

Watch the video below to hear some of the koala sounds mentioned

Or the screaming that one user explained

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